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The city of Canakkale lends its name to the straits that connect the Sea of Marmara to the Aegean and whose shores touch both Europe and Asia. Passenger and car ferries run daily between Canakkale, on the Asian side, and Eceabat and Kilitbahir, on the European side. Colourful yachts on their way to and from the Marmara and Aegean seas make stopovers at the well-equipped Canakkale Marina allowing tourists more time in this area. Hotels, restaurants and cafes along the promenade offer a place to enjoy the comings and goings of the harbour and views of Kilitbahir Fortress in the distance, which is illuminated at night.

In 1451, Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who later conquered Istanbul, built a fortress on the European side at Kilitbahir and one at Cimenlik on the Asian side to control the passage of ships through the narrow (1200 meters) straits. The Cimenlik fortress today is used as a military museum in memory of the Canakkale Battle of World War I.  To honour the soldiers, who gave their lives at Gelibolu, in Canakkale province, this peninsula is now a national park of remembrance. There are memorial monuments in surroundings of natural beauty.

Truva (Troy)

Homer, in the Illiada, immortalized Truva  with the stories of King Priam, Hector, Paris and the beautiful Helen who were from this city. Archaeological digs have revealed nine separate periods of settlement, and various ruins of city walls, typical house foundations, a temple and a theatre. There is also a symbolic wooden Trojan horse.


The village of Behramkale is situated on the site of the ancient city of Assos. On the acropolis lie the ruins of the famous Temple of Athena, built during the 6th century BC and from the top of the acropolis a magnificent panorama of the Gulf of Edremit can be seen. The remains surrounding the acropolis have been well preserved. Below Assos is a small fishing village with guesthouses and restaurants.

The Gulf of Edremit - The Olive Riviera

The Gulf of Edremit is fringed by beautiful beaches and seaside resorts offering visitors a wide choice of hotels and guest houses overlooking the sea. Nearby are the resorts of Kucukkuyu, Altinoluk, Akcay (a thermal center with numerous springs), Edremit, and Oren.  It is in this region, according to mythology, that the world's first beauty contest was held.  Under the shadow of Kaz Dagi (Mt. Ida, 1774 meters) in Pinarbasi, west of Akcay,  Paris gave the "Golden Apple" to Aphrodite in the famous "Judgment of Paris". However, an understanding of mythology is not necessary to enjoy this green and pleasant place.


After passing extensive groves of olive trees, one comes to Ayvalik, a small, charming port with a picturesque harbor surrounded by islands and encircled by beautiful pinewoods. Nearby is the Seytan Sofrası (Devil's Table) which offers a splendid panorama of the archipelago along the peninsula of Sarmisakli and the little island of Alibey (Cunda), Here too, there are pleasant fish restaurants.

Bergama (Pergamum)

The site of Bergama is one of the finest in Turkey; the city was a great centre of culture. The Asclepion, located to the southwest of the lower city, was a sanctuary dedicated to the god of health, Asclepios. On the Acropolis there are numerous remains including the celebrated library, an impressive theatre, the temples of Trajan and Dionysos, the monumental altar of Zeus, the sanctuary of Demeter, the gymnasium situated on three terraces, and the lower agora. In the town of Bergama visit the Archaeological and Ethnographical Museum, which originally seems to have been the site of a temple dedicated to Serapis and then converted by the Byzantines into a basilica.

Close to Bergama is the harbour town of Dikili, a holiday town much frequented by cruise liners bringing visitors to Bergama.  It has the ideal atmosphere for relaxing, and many pleasant restaurants line the Kordon Promenade. On route to Izmir a stop at the little port of Candarli, the ancient Pitane, is recommended to see the Genoese fortress, one of the best preserved in Turkey.


On the road from Bergama turn off for Foca at the road nearest Aliaga and pass through some particularly lovely scenery. Foca, the ancient Phocaea, was a city of the Ionian Federation, and is today a modern, lively holiday village on two deeply indented bays.  The plentiful accommodations, clean beaches and inviting restaurants make it an attractive vacation spot.   Sunbathers will find the natural terraces of Siren Rock Island perfect for sunbathing.



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