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bodrum peninsula
The beautiful Bodrum peninsula suits those interested in a more subdued and relaxing atmosphere  
voyage of discovery 
How a sponge diver's intriguing catch helped to unveil a fascinating world  of underwater archaeology in Bodrum
keeper of the ancient world
Unfathoming the mysteries of the deep from excavated shipwrecks


Bodrum is a town of white-washed houses hung with bougainvillea, rising in tiers on the green hill overlooking a dazzling blue bay at the entrance to which stands a medieval castle built by the Knights of Rhodes.  Here, where the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet, is one of Turkey's loveliest holiday resorts, with its long palm lined waterfront and its marina crowded in the summer with elegant yachts.

Not far from the town it is possible to swim in unbelievably clear and warm seas. Underwater divers, especially, will not want to miss the  numerous, unexplored reefs with caves and majestic rock formations.  Multicoloured sponges of all shapes and sizes, octopus and other forms of aquatic life are commonly found here.   Afterwards, sit idly in one of the many restaurants eating delicious seafood, with wine or some of the other Aegean specialties.  Stroll beside the marina, a popular place that beats to the tempo of this town with yachts constantly bringing in tours and tourists from all over the world.

The boatyards of Bodrum have been famous since ancient times and today the craftsmen still make the traditional types of yacht: the pointed bow and stern (tirhandil) and the broad beamed and rounded stern (gullet). The latter, especially, is used for excursions and pleasure trips. The gullet is also used in the Bodrum Cup Race held every October.

Shopping is a delight in Bodrum. Leather goods of all kinds, natural sponges, and the local blue glass beads are among the bargains to be found in the friendly little shops along the narrow, white walled streets. Here you will find woven rugs, carpets, leather sandals, and embroidery; also, lovely and original leisure clothes in soft cotton.

Bodrum has a lively, friendly, Bohemian atmosphere and many small galleries. It is the meeting place of the Turkish art community.  Renowned for its relaxed, informal life style and its abundance of daytime fun-filled activities and night time excitement, it is impossible to be bored.  There are many interesting and varied bars, restaurants, night clubs (some with cabaret), and, of course, some of the best discos in Europe.  If you want an exciting time at night, you will not have far to look.  In ancient times, Bodrum was known as Halicarnassus, birthplace of Heredotus, and location of the Tomb of King Mausolus (4th century BC), one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. The Castle of St. Peter is a fine example of 15th century architecture and is now the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, with remains from as far back as the Bronze Age.  The panoramic view from Göktepe, nearby, is stunning and much photographed by those visiting the 2nd century theatre there.



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